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Please use the services of Magfine Corporation for development of stationery products that utilize magnets.

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Characteristics of nylon coating

Our color magnet, Pitamaru is a powerful magnet, completely coated with nylon that is used for posting items. It is the first product developed at Magfine by the founder, Yasuo Fujimura. Since then, it has become a popular, long-selling product of over 25 years. It is also currently exported overseas to Germany etc.

Nylon coating

Nylon coating is a coating in which the magnet is coated with nylon using heat. This coating makes the magnet stronger, colorful and hygienic. Children and adults can use nylon coated magnets for a wide range of purposes in all kinds of places.


There are five basic colors: red, blue, green, white and black. Intermediary colors such as pastel colors like pink and pale blue can also be created using color treatment. The colors are vivid making them pretty. They also have excellent corrosion resistance and will remain strong and pretty.


We use Nylon 11 made in France and has excellent physical properties. Nylon 11 is a non-toxic material that is environmentally friendly and conforms to food hygiene laws, and so is used widely in food processing machinery and healthcare equipment. It is a safe coating, protected by a soft lining and is even safe if licked by children. Since it has not been shown to cause allergic reactions, it can be used safely by everyone.

Manufacturin procedures of nylon coating

Nylon coating is a coating in which the magnet is coated with nylon using heat. Experience is necessary in order to maintain steady production because the ideal conditions for production will vary even during the same day, depending on the heat and temperature etc. We have made it possible to produce an evenly distributed, beautiful nylon coating by ensuring ideal production conditions are met according to the season, period or time. Although production is conducted on a large-scale using machines, almost the same amount of time and energy is spent on production as we do for custom-made products.

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