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President's message I was born in Tsu City in Mie Prefecture but now live in Sendai City in northeastern Japan. While Sendai’s mild winters and cool summers make it a comfortable place to live in, recently the summers are becoming hotter. Two years ago I tried my hand at growing vegetables using natural farming methods on a small plot of land at our factory. But I started working in the summer and hardly anything grew due to the high temperatures. All I could do was pull out weeds on Saturdays under the blazing sun. However, I learned that if you succeed in farming, you can reap a suitable harvest. I needed more energy and more time than I expected. My main job in this company is building a corporate system that can continue to contribute to society. We are still progressing. In this way, it is the same as farming.

Magfine establishment I quit my job of twenty years when I turned 44 and set up this company the next year. Nowadays, ventures are all the rage, but in those days there was no such thing as ventures and no bank would lend me money. I was able to become my own man and set up my company with the help of friends and acquaintances. After incorporation and excluding the first two years, we have been able to operate in the black now for 24 years in a row.

Preparation and miracles About 15 years ago, I occasionally dreamt I could fly through the air. Although someone was chasing me, I soared up into the sky just when it looked like it was all over for me. It was quite a pleasant dream. However, business is not quite so easy. A few years ago I saw a snail crawling on the ground suddenly take flight and land on a tree. Although I felt that I had just seen something no one had ever seen, in truth, this was also a dream. But these types of impossibilities happen when you are running a business. Nowadays, it is impossible to see what lies ahead, but I firmly believe that these impossibilities bring about unforeseen opportunities so long as you are prepared. The factory we just opened in Shenzhen China was surely the result of a string of such miracles.

Invisible strength It seems that we Japanese have changed somewhat since the Tohoku Earthquake. I believe that the power that brought about the Meiji Restoration with a minimum of strife and that allowed us to rise from the ruin of World War II is the result of the traditions and education of the Japanese family. The education of the human spirit is extremely important - learning how to value what cannot be seen. I feel that people nowadays have less ability to sense the value of what cannot be seen because we have so many objects. But I think that the Earthquake re-awoke that power in us. My management philosophy is still being developed as a compilation of what I learned in church, my experiences as a salaried worker, and also what I have learned while running this company. My hobby is playing instruments and music is also something that cannot be seen.

My introduction to magnets I first learned about magnets when I was in Grade 5 when my uncle showed me something he had bought while he had been overseas. It was a toy of a mummy inside a small box. When shaken sideways, the mummy jumped out of the box. That magnet was probably an isotropic ferrite magnet made by Phillips because, at that time, it was the highest quality magnet.


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