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A Magnetic separator that uses the characteristics of a magnet

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Magnet separators which utilize
the properties of magnets

A bar magnet (magnet separator) is a steel cylinder filled with magnetic neodymium and its magnetic force can be used to remove magnetic objects such as iron powder. It is used widely to remove iron powder when sorting metals, in the food manufacturing industry and at recycling sites.

How to select a bar magnet Since the magnetic properties of a bar magnet is determined during production, in order to make full use of it, it is important to use one that is suitable for the environment in which it will be used. Surrounding equipment may be affected if the magnet is too strong as the magnetic field lines may extend far out. Rather than just selecting a bar magnet that is strong, it is important to select one that is appropriate for the environment in which it will be used. In order to choose between 12000 gauss and 14000 gauss, please refer to the comparison chart below.

Comparison of the performances of bar magnets

Typically, it is considered that the stronger, the better the magnet. However, this is not completely true. There are other factors which affect the quality of the magnet such as the distance the magnet field lines reach and the total flux released from the entire surface area. The quality of bar magnets differs also depending on substances that attach to them and the environment in which they are used. When choosing between 12000 gauss and 14000 gauss, please refer to the comparison chart below.

Surface inductive flux Adsorption point Fine powder & iron powder Short distance & attraction capacity Long range capturing performance Distance Affected area
12000G × × ×
14000G × × ×

Surface inductive flux Filter grain Object Target
12000G Fine, thin Fine powder, iron powder, chips, iron dust, needles Fine objects, small objects
14000G Rough, thick Bolts, nuts, screws, clips Thick objects, large objects

Embedded magnets Factors Compatibility Repulsive resistance Magnetic force Attraction capacity Ease of assembly
Even numbers 2・4・6・8・12・16 × × × × ×
Odd numbers 3・5・7・9・11・13

Surface inductive flux Iron powder
Attracted amount Attraction range Adsorption capability distance
12,000G 2.2kg 70mm 30mm
14,000G 2.5kg 80mm 40mm
Magnet separators and magnetic filters
which consist of magnet bars

Magnet separators and magnetic filters consist of bar magnets and can be set up stably in the environment of usage. They come in different forms and there are various ways to assemble them depending on the application. Magnet filters can be custom-made if we do not carry those of a suitable specification for the customer's applcation. We can even make just one prototype.

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