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Article 1 (membership) 1. A Member refers to an individual that has made an application after agreeing to this Agreement according to the procedures determined by this Company. 2. Membership information refers to information such as information related to the attributes of Members that has been disclosed by Members and records related to the transactions of the Members. 3. This Agreement will be applied to all Members and must be complied with at the time of, and after registration. Article 2 (registration) 1. Customers who have applied to become a Member after agreeing to this Agreement concerning membership eligibility, shall qualify to become a Member after completion of the necessary registration procedures. Registration procedures must be completed by the person requesting to become a Member. Registrations by others will not be accepted. In the event of deregistration in the past or if the applicant is deemed inappropriate as a Member, the application may be rejected. 2. In order to register information, the applicant must read the precautions carefully and accurately enter the information required in the box. Special characters, old kanji characters or roman numerals cannot be used. Any special characters, old kanji characters or roman numerals that are registered will be converted into appropriate characters or numerals by this Company. 3. Password management (1) The password may only be used by the Member and may not be given or lent to a third party. (2) The Member shall be responsible for managing the password safely by taking safety measures such as regularly changing the password so that it is not known by others. (3)Manifestations of intention made to the Company by logging in using the password will be deemed as manifestations of intention made by the Member to whom the password belongs, therefore, any payments that may arise shall be the responsiblity of the Member. Article 3 (changes) 1. Members shall promptly notify the Company in case of any changes in information provided to the Company such as name and address. 2. The Company shall not be liable for any losses that arise from any changes in 1 above not being reported to the Company. 3. Even if above changes in 1 are reported to the Company, transactions requested prior to the above changes being reported, shall be carried out according to the information provided before the changes were reported. Article 4 (withdrawal from membership) In the event that a Member wishes to withdraw membership, the Member shall conduct necessary procedures. Membership shall be withdrawn after completion of necessary procedures. Article 5 (disqualification of membership and damages) 1. The Company has the right to cancel membership in the event of false information that is provided at registration, failure to pay for purchased products and any other reasons the Member is deemed inappropriate as a Member, by the Company.
2. In the event that the Member conducts any of the following, the Member shall be held liable for damages incurred by the Company. (1) fraudulent usage of member number or password, (2) obstruct the Company's business by falsification of information by accessing the Company's website or sending of harmful computer programs to the Company's website. (3) infringement of the Company's intellectual property rights of the Company's products, (4) other breaches of this User's Agreement. Article 6 (handling of membership information) 1. In principle, this Company shall not disclose any information regarding Members to a third party without prior consent of the Member. However, in the following cases this Company shall have the right to disclose information regarding Members and customers. (1) in the event that disclosure of information is required according to the law, (2) in the event that this Company considers disclosure of information necessary in order to protect the Company's rights, interests and reputation etc.
2. Information regarding Members shall be managed by this Company according to this Company's commitment to protection of personal information. The Company may use information regarding Members for the provision of services to Members, improvement of services, promotion of utilization of services and ensuring of sound services and smooth operation.
3. The Company may provide information (including advertisments) to Members, through email newsletters and other means. The Company shall discontinue the sending out of such information above to Members that have notified the Company of their desire not to receive such information, by completing necessary procedures specified by the Company. However, such notification by a Member as above, shall not prevent the Company from sending out information that is necessary for the operation of this service. Article 7 (prohibited matters) When using this Service, Members are prohibited from conducting the following:
1. Breach any laws or this Agreement, precautions for using this Service or precautions for shopping using this Service.
2. Infringe any rights, interests or reputation of this Company or other third party.
3. Any conduct that may cause negative emotional and physical effects to adolescents and other conducts that are offensive to public order and morals.
4. Any conduct that may disturb or cause discomfort to other users or third parties.
5. Enter any false information.
6. Send, write or insert any harmful computer program or email etc.
7. Fraudulently access the Company's server or computers.
8. Lend or give your password to a third party or share with a third party.
9. Any other conduct that the Company considers inappropriate. Article 8 (interurruption or shutdown of services etc) 1.In order to maintain good operation of services, this Company may shut down part or all of the services provided, without prior notice, in the event of any of the following. (1) In the event that such shut down is required for regular or emergency maintenance of the system. (2) In the event of excessive system load. (3) In the event of difficulty of operating the system due to a fire, power outage or disruption by a third party. (4) In the event that this Company considers a shut down necessary for any other reason. Article 9 (changes and discontinuation of services) The Company shall have the right to change or discontinue all or part of the services without giving prior notice. Article 10 (disclaimer) 1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages that are caused by disconnection, delays, shut down or loss of data of the Company's system, due to problems with communication lines or computers, damages caused by fraudulent access to data or any other damages incurred by the Member relating to the Company's services.
2. The Company does not guarantee that harmful malware such as computer viruses will not be found in emails sent from the Company's website, server or domain.
3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages that arise from breaches of this Agreement etc by the Member. Article 11(Amendment of this agreement) The Company may amend this Agreement at any time and may set regulations that supplement this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "supplementary regulation". Amendments and supplements to this Agreement shall become effective after posting of the amended Agreement and supplementary regulations onto the Company's website. In such cases, Members shall comply with the amended Agreement or supplementary regulations. Article 12 (governing laws, co)urt of jurisdiction In the event of a conflict concerning this Agreement, the district court that has the jurisdiction over the Company's Head Office shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for the first instance.


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