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◆ Definition of personal information 1. Personal information is information that is related to an individual and refers to information that can identify an individual, such as name, date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, occupation, place of employment etc.
◆ Collection and usage of personal information 2. This Company shall collect and use (including analyze and tally) personal information for only the below purposes. This Company shall collect and use personal information that is provided on the customer's own accord and in the event that any personal information is provided by the Customer, it shall be deemed that the customer has agreed to usage of such personal information within the scope of this Company's privacy policy. Personal information shall be used to respond to notifications and inquiries of services provided by this Company, such as notifications of server maintenance, maintenance and updates of the Company's website, new services etc, and for the collection of, and responding to, feedback from customers for improving services. ◆ Usage of personal information and providing of personal information to third parties 3. This Company shall not use personal information for purposes other than those stated above, without the prior consent of the customer. Furthermore, this Company shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the customer, unless there is justifiable reason such as requirements by law. ◆ Links 4. This Company shall not share personal information with the websites with which links are exchanged. This Company shall not be held liable for the collection of any personal information conducted by those websites. The customer shall be responsible for checking the protection policies regarding personal information that can be found on those websites. ◆ Access logs 5. This Company uses access logs and files to conduct research on the trends of users. This allows this Company to obtain statistical information of users such as IP addresses and referrers. However, such information shall not be used for collection or analysis of personal information. ◆ Compliance with laws etc 6. For the handling of personal information, this Company shall comply with laws and other regulations related to personal information such as laws for the protection of personal information. ◆ Continuous commitment to protection of personal information 7. In order to handle personal information of customers in an appropriate manner, this Company shall maintain the appropriate handling of personal information by determining efforts for protection of such personal information and conducting training for persons handling such personal information. Furthermore, this Company shall regularly review the above efforts and make necessary improvements. ◆ Updates of policies for protection of personal information 8. In the event that this Company wishes to change this Policy, this Company shall notify customers by making an announcement in the section "Topics" on the website. Such announcements of the updated policy for protection of personal information, will inform customers of collections and usages of personal information. Customers should regularly check the website for such announcements. Announcements will also be made on the website in the event that personal information will be used for purposes other than those that were announced at the time of the collection of the information. Remarketing using online advertisments on this Company's website This company's advertisments are posted on various websites on the internet by third party distributors including Google. Third party distributors including Google distribute advertisments based on past access information to this Company's website. Customers can disable cookies by accessing the opt out page on google advertisments. (Customers can also disable cookies of third party distributors by accessing the opt out page of Networking Advertising Initiative.) Please refer to for details on the privacy policy regarding Google remarketing.


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