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ANSYS Maxwell – Two-dimensional/three-dimensional electromagnetic field analysis software

With the ANSYS Maxwell 2D/Maxwell 3D, you can visually simulate the analysis of a magnetic field of various magnetic products. By predicting the measurement value before the actual measurement, a perfect magnetic product can be designed. Besides the simulation of the magnetic field analysis by computer, the actual measurements are also checked after the product is completed.

ANSYS Maxwell - 2次元/3次元電磁界解析ソフトウェアについて
Lines of magnetic force and magnetic field distribution

The influences of magnets that cannot be seen have many different names such as magnetism, magnetic force, magnetic field, magnetic flux and the like. A bundle of lines of magnetic force called a magnetic flux cannot be seen by the naked eye. As a result, since the pole face, the direction of magnetization and the magnetic flux density cannot be predicted by the appearance of the magnetic body, unexpected actions and results may occur while handling the magnets. There is a way to easily find the magnetic field to prevent damage and problems while handling the magnets. The magnetic field distribution can be confirmed to a certain degree by applying iron powder to the magnetic body. Also the presence or absence of a magnetic field can be determined by using a film sheet that encloses a magnetic fluid called a magnetic viewer.

Finite element method

Numerical conversions in logical magnetic units and magnetic field analysis are necessary beyond simple methods for industrial products. As a result, effective application examples and magnetic saturation limits can be found. The finite element method which is one of the analysis methods is able to express the lines of magnetic force in two dimensions. The directions in which the magnetic force flows are described by lines, and modern analysis computers can perform three-dimensional magnetic field analyses. An image of the lines of magnetic force can be drawn out neatly by numerical conversion using the finite analysis method. By performing accurate magnetic field analysis, man-hours for design, fabrication, and labor can be reduced and the desired magnetic properties and motion results can be determined in a short time.

Finite element method
Lines of magnetic force

Lines of magnetic force represent lines of the magnetic force that are emitted from a magnetic material. They are represented by the arrows flowing from N to S since they cannot be seen by the naked eye. The lines of magnetic force can be seen by physically using iron powder. While the magnet viewer can be used to confirm the presence of a magnetic field, it cannot be used to confirm the directions in which the lines of magnetic force flow.


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