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Coating that enhances the insulation/anti-rust properties and strength of magnets.

Magfine Corporation is the best magnet company with 25 years in business


中国支社 深圳市瑪格帆科技有限公ロゴ
ShenZhen Magfine Technology Ltd.ロゴ

CEONorihiro Kumagai

In 2010, Magfine Corporation advanced into China and established ShenZhen Magfine Technology Company Limited in the following year with independent capital. By increasing facilities and improving purchasing, short delivery times whilst maintaining the same level of quality as in Japan became possible. In particular, our products are purchased by Japanese subsidiaries in China and people at local Chinese companies. Like the Headquarters in Japan, ShenZhen Magfine also manufactures products.

< Products >
◎ Insulation coating of EMC core(small to large sizes)
◎ Anti-rust coating for rare earth magnets (small to large sizes)
◎ Anti-rust coating for rare earth bonded magnets (small size)
◎ Sales of anti-rust coated rare earth magnets
◎ Design and sales of magnetic circuits
◎ Sales of facilities for various coatings
Please do not hesitate to contact our Japanese staff in China who will be pleased to serve you.

Capital 500,000 Chinese Yuan
Number of employees 4
Main banks Bank of China, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation,
Guangdong Development Bank and others

Past customers

Electronic parts manufacturers (Japanese companies and local subsidiaries), magnet manufacturers (Japanese companies and local subsidiaries) , various decoration companies (local subsidiaries)


20 January, 2010 Established Dongguan Plant in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
14 April, 2011 Moved to Shenzhen and became an independent corporation,
ShenZhen Magfine Technology Company


郵編 518101 中国広東省深圳市宝安区沙井鎮万安路138号2F2F
No.138 Wanan Road,
Wanfeng Village, Shajing Town, Baoan, Shenzhen China
TEL +86-0755-2746-6692
FAX +86-0755-22141794

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