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Magnetic circuits

A magnetic circuit is a circuit assembled for applying lines of magnetic force flowing from a magnetic body through another magnetic body in a vacuum or in the air. A magnetic field stronger than a single magnet can be created by using a permanent magnet and a magnetic body with a high magnetic permeability.


The main application for magnetic circuits based on permanent magnets is to bring about changes to materials and environments that have been exposed magnetic field spaces. They are often used to apply a high magnetic field to test samples. While there are many applied products that make use of the characteristics of magnetic circuits, they are used most often in university research facilities and company laboratories than for products when the objective is to create a strong magnetic field.

Design The design stage determines whether the predicted magnetic characteristics can be achieved as planned. The magnetic characteristics that can be achieved through the assembly of a magnetic circuit are limited and determining the shape and materials of the magnets themselves starts in the design stage. While the expected magnetic characteristics are determined according to the magnet, the yoke material and shape, and the working environment, the magnetic field obtained from these conditions must be predicted and designed.
Assembly Precise technology and calculations are necessary for design and assembly. Lines of magnetic force cannot be seen and thus have unforeseen movements and results. There is a risk of collision and damage during the assembly process and sometimes a significant amount of danger because of the strong magnetic forces, so we follow thorough safety measures. Meticulous care is needed for small assemblies with strong magnetic forces and only seasoned veterans with years of experience can perform these types of assemblies with ease.
Design Requests and Quotations

Quotations for magnetic circuits take a certain amount of time since we need to make design drawings and magnetic field calculations. Prices increase along with the size of the product and so a small-sized item of around 10 kg would be priced at several 100 thousand yen while larger items of 100 kg or more would be several millions of yen. The following type of information is needed for design and for providing quotations. Please tell us about your settled plans or estimates when requesting a quotation.

1. Use and application, 2. Product specification drawings,
3. Working environment, 4. Budget (pricing increases in line
with the degree of danger of the high magnetic force)
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Execution performance
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The types of magnetic circuits differ according to the use and application. The following types are typical basic forms used to produce a strong magnetic field. There are many more types for expanding the line of magnetic force or for increasing running torque. Most of the magnets used in industrial products today incorporate some kind of magnetic circuit for the particular application.

No. Image Appearance DWG Line of magnetic force drawing Name Characteristics Use
1 磁気回路01 外観図01 磁力線図01 Vice type Standard magnetic circuit. A strong magnetic flux is produced in the interval between opposing magnets. Simple structure that easily achieves the magnetic flux values as designed. Pole testing
Magnetic field orientation
Electron beam control
Precision equipment assessment
2 磁気回路02 外観図02 磁力線図02 Opposing type Strongest magnetic flux produced with enclosed region opposing type. This type is often used for large scale magnetic circuits.
3 外観図03 磁力線図03 Plate

Single magnets set on magnetic iron plates. The magnetic flux on the magnet surface can be easily strengthened. The iron plate on which the magnet is set is saturated by using a magnet of the same thickness or greater.

4 磁気回路03 外観図04 磁力線図04 Cap type

The lines of magnetic force emitted from the opposing magnetic installation adsorption faces can be induced and the adsorption force can be increased. The lines of magnetic force of opposing faces cannot be left far away from each other.

Adsorption force strengthening
5 磁気回路04 外観図05 磁力線図05 Axial ring type A magnetic flux centered on the axial direction can be produced.
6 外観図06 磁力線図06 Radial ring type A multipolar magnetic field can be produced in the radial direction. Rotators
Active water purifiers


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