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Permanent magnet standard items

Permanent magnets are normally used inside machinery and are rarely seen directly. As a result, it is hard to rely on one's senses when selecting and designing magnets. The magnet characteristics may not be harnessed as designed. But by understanding the differences of the materials, shapes, and characteristics of magnets, you can make proper decisions on designing and selecting magnets. The following describes typical standard items of magnets in various shapes.

Neodymium magnet Ferrite magnet Samarium cobalt magnet
Magnetic characteristics Magnetic characteristics Magnetic characteristics
Neodymium magnet Round Neodymium magnet Square Ferrite magnet Round Ferrite magnet Square Samarium cobalt magnet Round Samarium cobalt magnet Square
Round Square Round Square Round Square

Order of characteristics of magnets and compasses

Properties Reference property values Weak  ← Strong
Magnetism Remanence / Max energy product Ferrite Alnico Sam/Co Neodymium
Repeated adsorption Holding power Alnico Ferrite Sam/Co Neodymium
Hardness - Sam/Co Ferrite Neodymium Alnico
Corrosion / Rust resistance - Neodymium Alnico Sam/Co Ferrite
Thermal stability Curie temp. / Max allowable working temp. Neodymium Sam/Co Ferrite Alnico

Comparison of characteristics of magnets and compasses

Properties Units Neodymium Heat-resistant neodymium Sam/Co Ferrite Alnico
Remanence T 1.26 or more 1.23 or more 1.03 or more 0.385 1.25 or more
Coercivity bHC KA/m 859 or more 923 or more 640 or more 230 or more 47.7 or more
Coercivity iHC KA/m 955 or more 1592 or more 1190 or more 235 or more 47.7 or more
Max energy product KJ/cubic m 260 or more 287 or more 140 or more 27.9 or more 38.2 or more
Density g/cubic m 7.3~7.5 7.3~7.5 8.3 4.8~5.0 7.3~7.4
Max tooling heat resistant temp. 80 150 200 300 400
Curie temp. 310 340~400 710 450~460 850
Vicker's hardness HV 500~600 500~600 600 480~580 650


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