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This department is mainly engaged in the coating of magnets.

Magfine Corporation is the best magnet company with 25 years in business

Small coating - large affect The coating department at Magfine contributes by providing a unique high-density resin coating with excellent rust-prevention and coloring characteristics. The needs for anti-rust coatings on rare-earth magnets, for colored coatings to improve reliability for electronic components, and for improved strength of compacts are increasing everyday. Working sizes are becoming smaller and smaller and replacement cycles are becoming shorter, so the ability to address small quantity large / variety production has become very important. At Magfine, we handle these needs with high quality products at a reasonable price and with short delivery periods.

What is coating?

Our specialty is improving product value by coating the surface of our magnets. Coating magnets not only protects the surface of the magnets but also improves the mechanical strength and provides anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. The designability of ornamental products can be improved by coloring.
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Hi-DEN coating Anti-rust, colored epoxy coatings are used widely for industrial purposes and by manufacturers of medical equipment.
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Nylon coatings

Nylon coatings improve the designability of magnet products, enhance shock-resistance and improve safety, and maintain the cleanliness of the magnets at the same time.
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Comparison of magnetic properties

We compared the Magfine surface treatment (coating) anti-rust performance with the products of our competitors.
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