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This coating enhances the insulation, anti-rusting property and strength of magnets.

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Rust and corrosion resistance Hi-DEN COAT is used for protecting magnets such as neodymium magnets which oxidize
easily from rust and corrosion. Hi-DEN Coat is applied many times in the same way as
Japanese lacquerware to form a multi-layered coating. The coating exhibits strong
adhesiveness with the base material to prevent air from seeping in and thus prevents
rusting from the inside. The multiple applications also leads to an improvement in strength.
Electrical insulation Hi-DEN Coat exhibits high insulating properties and precision coating of fine portions and uniform coating is
possible up to the edges where the greatest load is applied during winding. Hi-DEN coating is also optimal
for coating toroidal cores used for anti-noise measures. While Parylene coating is the most often used
coating among our competitors, the following table shows that Hi-DEN coating is actually superior.
  Insulation Corrosion resistance Heat resistance Mechanical strength Coloration Adhesiveness Core cutting during coating Internal diameter coating Production cost
Hi-DEN coating
Parylene coating × ×

Decorativeness and added product valueHi-DEN Coat can add luster and color to accessories, for example, and provide added value with the addition of infra-red materials etc. Hi-DEN Coat has passed skin allergy testing and is used in the healthcare equipment in many leading Japanese companies.

Everyone has probably heard of international standards such as RoHS, REACH and halogen-free. These standards started in Europe as environmental standards and include very severe restrictions on materials that are considered to adversely affect humans and the environment. Hi-DEN Coat uses coatings that meet all of the environmental standards.

performance history
Hi-DEN Coat is used by many leading electronic component makers and magnet makers. Cores coated with Hi-DEN Coat are used as anti-noise components in computers and telephones. Rare earth magnets coated with Hi-DEN Coat are used in various applications from industrial robots used in production lines for industrial goods to fasteners for foldable mobile telephones.

Anti-rust and corrosion resistance applications Improved adhesiveness and anti-rust performance of large-scale rare earth magnets, anti-rust performance of small-scale neodymium magnets used in miniature electronic devices, corrosion resistance for metallic pins, underwater applications of NdFeB magnets, sensors for research whaling, applications in alkaline oils, anti-rust performance for rare earth magnets used in healthcare equipment, etc.

Insulative and pressure resistance applications Insulation for various ferrite cores, cable breakage prevention, strengthening of compaction cores, scatter prevention when thin-plate ferrite cores break, insulation for various card slots, insulation of electrode portions, gap creation in low frequency transformers, adjustment of inductance values, protection of insulating properties where wearability is required, etc.

Decorative and functional applications Ornaments with health functions, health equipment, various personal effects, magnetic medical equipment, etc.


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